Sunday, 28 August 2011

Magnificent crazy Lilies

This one has 37 flowers and buds
My Lilies have gone crazy this year the only thing I have done different is they had a much of compost last Autumn and a 3inch bark mulch in the spring. these are the biggest two. The flowers are normal size about 5 to 6 inches across but each is like a huge bouquet this one has 37 buds  and flowers and the pink has 40 buds the average on the other lilies is over 20 to each stem .I surpose next year there will be little or nothing from them as they must be exausted
This is how it looked in 2010
I got these  from Parkers Bulbs in a bargain pack of 25 bulbs three years ago the first year they only produced weedy stems last year about 6 or 7 flowers on each now this year just crazy flowers. Oh I forgot to mention the perfume well there are over 50 of these so you can imagine

This is how it looks this year with 40 buds

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  1. Wow Doreen - they really are amazing! wish I could see them for real