Saturday, 21 May 2011

Up date on tomatoes

Due to the unusually warm weather during all of April my tomatoes have had a really good start  and are growing away really well. So many times in the past I have planted the tomatoes into the greenhouse then the weather has turned really cold the tomatoes turn blue and take weeks to recover. This year everything has gone right for them and they are already setting fruit although lovely red tomatoes ready for eating are still weeks away.

I have finally used all the Cabbages and Cauliflowers from the side bed in the greenhouse and I have sown Broad Beans into the bed . They do really well here the bumble bees easily  find them , pollination is always good and we get really good yields. There is a bonus from sowing broad beans alternate years to tomatoes and this is the Broad Beans excrete something from their roots that kills verticillium wilt,that can be so devastating for a tomato crop.

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