Monday, 5 March 2012

Sping marches on

Turned the old hens onto the potato patch ,hopefully they will eat the weeds and any slugs snails and any  nasty insects they find.leaving it all clear for me to turn over  ready for planting the main crop potatoes
I bought this Hellebore for myself last week the bud was tightly closed . It seems to be a nice double white .
 Unfortunately this is what it should have been. Petrol to return it would cost me five pounds.So it looks like I'll just keep it .and maybe buy another one next time we are over that way.
The Stevia plants have made it through the winter I am hoping to take cuttings a bit later on . I am so pleased they are now selling Stevia in the supermarket as a sugar alternative but its very expensive. The dried leaves work a treat for cooking and sweetening stewed fruit

The tomatoes have germinated already so the race is now on to get the main greenhouse ready in time to plant them in a few weeks time

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