Monday, 16 January 2012

January Evening Sky
 Well what a strange start to the year .The flowers in bloom in the garden reflect the odd start to the year, Currently I have pink flowered Strawberries, Sage. Snowdrops and Hellebores.
Broken Cordyline
 The strong winds and gales Snapped my Cordyline in half , but hopefully it will recover from halfway up the trunk.
We have a new rat proof hen pen but still having endless battle with the nasty critters.
No sooner do I seem to be getting on top of them  ,but new ones move in.
Pink flowered Strawberry
I have lots of plans for the garden this year , back to basic vegetables with tried and true favorites.
Lots of bulbs planted in Planthouse for early flowering to cheer me up on dark rainy dull days.
The Bully
I hope to have lots of interesting photos and items to share  .I hope you will return form time to time to see how I am progressing ,you will be most welcome.

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