Friday, 17 February 2012

Mid February

 The seed potatoes have arrived and are already chitting .There are two varieties Rocket and Sarpo Mira . The earlies are Rocket, these are soon to be planted in the greenhouse to ensure we have nice early potatoes.The main crop are Sarpo Mira these are a super potato and my all time favourite .They have a wonderful flavour and they are an all round cooking potato .They steam, mash ,bake and roast  really well, but their main attribute is that they are blight resistant so no spraying is needed at all . I can't recommend these high enough as an easy potato to grow that crops well .

These little seedlings  of Lilium Martagon have finally appeared after being sown 12 months ago.  Only 3 have come through so far out of about 10 seeds a lot of TLC needed yet .
 Assorted Cauliflowers have germinated and are about  to be pricked out into individual pots so they will be ready to plant out in the garden as soon as the weather warms up a bit.
 I accidentally  spilt some salad herbs on the potting bench last autumn just before I planted my spring bulbs . My Hyacinths are coming on well in this trough but I also have a free crop of salad herbs to pick . 
3 pots of Hyacinths starting into flower the Plant House will soon be filled with their delicious  perfume 

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