Sunday, 6 March 2011

New potatoes

I planted my seed potatoes today in both greenhouses .I planted Duke of York and Rocket. I am about a month later this year as I was afraid to plant just in case they got damaged by the frost.I need not have worried as I cleared the last of the kale from the beds I found several potatoes that had been missed.They had sprouted and have  3 or 4 leaves growing away strongly .I planted the seed potatoes  about four inches deep. I will soak the soil with water every day this week to make sure it is well wetted then I will cover them with about 6 inches of well rotted compost. With a bit of luck Sunday dinner in 12 weeks time will include lovely new potatoes fresh from the greenhouse The plan for next year will be to plant in January and cover with carpet and when the break the surface cover with fleece.Hopefully even earlier potatoes.

The peppers and chillies have all germinated and I will be pricking them out tomorrow into 3 inch pots. these will get put into the large propagator along with the tomatoes at about 18 degrees at night and in the daytime open with just bottom heat .


  1. Hi Doreen, Nice to 'meet' you today!
    I posted on my FB page, just the other day, that a good time to plant root crops is when the moon is dark like it is here in California right now. I don't know if this works, and I don't even know if moon phases are the same in our two countries (gotta look that up!) Have you ever timed your potato planting like this?

  2. Hi Sue,
    So nice to hear from you. No I haven't tried this.Although I remember reading about sowing and planting with the phases of the moon. I'd love to know more if you have personal experience .I'm pretty sure we share the same phases of the moon .